Pressure Cleaning Adelaide

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At HomeWash Pressure Cleaning Adelaide, our specialty is pressure cleaning.

Most people know about high pressure washing, but most people might not know that some surfaces can’t handle high pressure water jets due to the extreme pressure of the water. The water droplets are like millions of little chisels knocking away at the dirt, and, potentially, the surface as well if the surface is not tough enough to handle to bombardment.

Which is why we use a soft wash process. This process substitutes high pressure water with environmentally friendly chemicals. It is the chemical’s job to break down the dirt, before a low pressure water rinse washes away the dirt and chemicals, leaving behind a clean surface.

We offer either a high pressure clean or a soft wash process clean to a variety of surfaces like:

– home exteriors
– roof
– driveway
– fence
– patio
– deck
– porch
– all kinds of outdoor entertainment areas.

We also provide these services for commercial and corporate businesses, as well as residential home owners.

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