Pressure Cleaning Adelaide

Pressure Cleaning Adelaide

Many people, when they think of washing their home, don’t think about pressure cleaning. They think pointing a garden hose at their walls, or their roofs, or even their driveways, is enough to get the job done.

Or some don’t even give their home washing regime that much thought, expecting the rain to do the job for them.

Should it really be surprising then if the walls of our homes look dull and dirty and grimy? And our driveways are spotted with so many oil blots, Psychiatrists use them as Rorschach tests?

At HomeWash Pressure Cleaning Adelaide, we know how much better your homes, walls, roofs and surfaces can look with a proper clean. We will bring that new house look back.

Perhaps you have a wooden patio or a paved deck. You remember the times when you’d invite your friends and family over for a barbeque, or for a swim in the pool. They’d be great times, times of laughter and friendship, good food and good people.

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pressure cleaning Adelaide

And what about your roof? Do you even know what kind of state your roof is in, how big the build up of debris and mud is up there? Or do you just hope that Mother Nature will just come along and clean all of that up for you?
These are the things that you need to consider; your home, its walls and roof, your driveway, your patio, deck and fences … if you do nothing about them, they will continue to discolour, become stained, grow mould and mildew and lose you curbside appeal.
You can do all that cleaning yourself, but it requires a lot of time and a lot of professional equipment to do right. Or you can call us. Our contractors will clean your home, your roof, your driveway, patio, decks, fence … whatever can do with a deep clean, we are the company that can do it.
And now is the perfect time to inform you that not only do we service domestic customers, our pressure cleaning service is available to commercial customers, as well. We will clean parking lots, pathways, tennis courts, underground garages, pool decks, netball courts. Don’t worry about the size of the job … we will handle it.
So call us, or fill in your details in the instant quote form, and our friendly staff will contact you.

About US

Adelaide is a beautiful city, and we want to do our little part in making it even more beautiful. We want to see the city sparkle, and so we offer our pressure cleaning services to you.
At HomeWash Pressure Cleaning Adelaide, we want to be a company renowned as being trustworthy and reliable, where our contractors go beyond the normal call of duty to make you feel safe and cared for.
Long term relationships are our end game. We not only want to be your pressure cleaning company for this current clean, we want to be your pressure cleaning company for years into the future. And we know that can’t happen if we are late to our appointments, rude or disrespectful to you, your family or your property, or sloppy in our professionalism. In all things, we want to be a company that treats our clients the way they should be treated.
We don’t merely clean your walls, roofs, driveways, fences, patios and decks; we clean things that you spent hard earned money to get, things that are your pride and joy, things that you are your family invested your heart and soul in to get just perfect. As such, we will treat each cleaning service we perform with utmost integrity, respect and responsibility.

Pressure Cleaning in Adelaide


House Washing Adelaide

house washing Adelaide

A good clean can change the entire look of your house, increasing its curb side appeal, and adding to its ‘wow’ factor. It can also save you money, as cleaning your walls of mould and mildew can protect the paint, saving you the need to employ someone to re-paint your house for you.
And of course, washing your house is a fantastic way to add to your market value come selling time.
Just a quick note though, that a high pressure clean is not suitable for all house exterior surface types. In those situations, we will instead perform a soft-wash, using environment friendly chemicals to break down the dirt. 

Commercial Pressure Cleaning Adelaide

commercial pressure cleaning Adelaide

For commercial businesses, how your business presents itself gives you a crucial edge against your competition. A business can live and die on their reputation, and dirty walls, oil-covered driveways, and filthy, grotty, grimy pathways are a bad first impression for new customers.
All of the services available to our residential owners are available also to commercial business owners. So, if you have problems with how your pathways, pool decks, walls and roofs, and driveways are presented, call us and we will be happy to apply our cleaning experience to the matters at hand.

Roof Cleaning Adelaide

roof cleaning Adelaide

We often don’t think much about our roof. It is always just there. It keeps the scorching sun off our heads, and keeps us dry when it is raining.
And as long as it is doing that, we don’t give it much thought.
But like many things, your roof needs maintenance, and every now and then, it needs to be cleaned. Roofs are designed to ensure water runs off, so if there are blockages of dirt, leaves, vegetation, branches and the like, this might cause water to pool. Pooling water can rot and rust your roof, leading to you needing an expensive roof repair to fix.
Another major cause of the problem is lichen and moss. That doesn’t sound particularly scary – the thought of lichen or moss inhabiting your roof will probably not keep you up at night – but they can cause your roof real problems.
The problem is, both lichen and moss can soak up water. Again … big deal, huh? But the thing is that lichen and moss can get wedged into cracks in your roof, and when they become soaked with water, they can expand and become heavy.
This causes small pressure points that causes uneven stress loads on your roof. And the water lodged within the lichen and moss, comes into contact with your roof, and we know what water can do to wood and metal.
It seems really simple, but cleaning your roof can rid it of these lichen and moss build ups, as well as dirt, and leaves and vegetation and everything else that can build up on your roof.
Cleaning your roof can add years to its life, and save money at the same time. And getting us to do it for you is the safe option, when compared to doing it yourself.
So, give us a call, or leave your information in the contact form provided.

Driveway Pressure Cleaning Adelaide

driveway cleaning Adelaide

Concrete driveways are very renowned for absorbing the oil that drips from your vehicle. Over time, as your driveway absorbs more oil and dirt and grime, it will just look worse and worse.
A good, tough high-pressure driveway clean can bring your driveway back to looking like new, giving your house strong curb-side appeal if you are looking to sell.

Fence Cleaning Adelaide

fence cleaning Adelaide

Time can be cruel to fences, particularly wooden fences. Sometimes they’re just begging for a new look, a fresh paint, or anything. Before you re-paint your fence, you usually need to make sure the fence is clean. Giving your fence a good high-pressure cleaning will help you with your re-paint.
Or perhaps, you’ve been the victim of graffiti. We have graffiti removal services, but you really need to get to us soon after the graffiti appears, as the paint can easily seep into the wood and make it more difficult to remove without harsh scouring.

Patio and Deck Cleaning Adelaide

deck washing Adelaide

We spend a lot of time on our patios and decks entertaining people, but over the years rain and a lack of cleaning brings mould and mildew stains. What was previously a place you enjoyed bringing guests to becomes dirty, grimy and an embarrassment.
Get back to entertaining friends; call us, and our professional, non-toxic pressure wash will clean your patios and deck and return them to their original beauty.

Our Partners
If you live in Florida, check out pressure washing Naples FL.

Our main goal is to build long-term relationships with all of our customers. This requires us to strive to not only be the most highly-skilled, experienced and professional pressure cleaning contractors, but to also be reliable, trust-worthy and respectful to you, your family and your property.
Please give us a call today, or fill in our quote form and one of our friendly staff will call you as soon as possible.

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Have Questions? See Below For Some Answers

What Exactly Is Pressure Cleaning?

People sometimes use the term ‘Pressure Washing’ but they both mean the same thing; water is put under high pressure and then forced through a tiny nozzle so that it can scour really tough ground-in dirt from surfaces. Such a cleaning is used when normal garden-hose cleaning just isn’t enough.

How much is ‘High’ pressure? Most commercial pressure cleaners use pressure rated at 200 times that of normal atmosphere. That is concentrated into such a narrow jet of water that each individual droplet is hitting the ground at such speed that it is like a pick-axe; thousands and thousands of tiny pick-axes each second chipping away at the dirt until even the most stubborn of stains disappears.

Are High Pressure Cleanings Suitable For All Surfaces?

No, high pressure cleaning is not suitable for all types of surfaces. They are particularly good for hard, tough surfaces; the types of surfaces that can handle thousands and thousands of high-velocity pick-axes chipping away. Surfaces like concrete or brick, or metal.
But, of course, not all surfaces are like that. There are many surfaces where such a method would not only scour the stains away, but the surface itself, which is clearly not what you want from a cleaning regime.
For such surfaces, we use what is known as a ‘soft wash’ approach.
As you might be able to guess, the soft wash approach doesn’t use high-pressure water. Instead, the soft-wash approach uses chemicals to break down the contaminants. These chemicals are, of course, environmentally friendly, and are completely safe to you, your family and your property.
Once the contaminants are broken down, a low pressure washing takes places, and this will finally dislodge the stains from your surface, bringing it back to vivid life without negatively affecting the look of the surface itself.
If you don’t know which type of cleaning process is required for your surface, don’t worry. We’ve done enough cleanings to know which surfaces react best with a soft wash and which surfaces can handle a high-pressure clean. We will tailor our methods to the type of surface you require cleaned, and we will ensure that your surface is not damaged in any way.

Why Do I Need To Clean My Surfaces?

Dirt builds up. And not just dirt, but dust, grime, algae, moss and mildew. Anyone who has owned a car and left it on a driveway knows that cars leak oil and the oil gets soaked into the driveway, leaving behind black blotches. Walls get dirt, grime and algae buildups, wooden decks get mud and leaves and debris, and surfaces with cracks might begin growing moss and weeds.
But … so what? Why should you spend your hard-earned cash to get your surfaces cleaned by professional pressure cleaners like us?
Dust, mould and mildew can affect people with breathing issues like asthma and exacerbate their symptoms. Mud, leaves and weeds could become tripping hazards to you, your family or your guests. The leaves, mud and debris that might become clogged on your roof, could cause rain water to pool if not remove. These stagnant pools of water can attract mosquitos  and other insects, and might cause your roof to leak and rot.
And, let’s call a spade a spade, your property will look better when cleaned, particularly if you are trying to sell it. Your curbside appeal will increase, and a well-cleaned home and property will sell for more than one that looks grotty and dirty.

How Often Should I Get A Pressure Clean?

Often these ‘how often’ questions can be answered with an annoying ad non-informative (although truthful) ‘It depends’.
It depends on the environment around you. Do you have tall trees? Tall trees can drop seeds and leaves and branches; this can affect your roof and driveway. The affect is compounded if there are a lot of birds around, as they are attracted to the dropped seed and do a lot of droppings themselves.
Does the surface you want cleaned see the sun? If those surfaces need to contend with water rainoff, you might have mould issues.
Does your surfaces have a lot of foot traffic? They will require more regular cleaning.
Do you park your car on the driveway? And how old is it? Is it likely to leak? Concrete driveways are very good at soaking up oil, which is very difficult to get rid of without vigorous scrubbing.
But all in all, a good answer is every 6 or 12 months.
There might be some times when you need a one-off pressure clean outside your normal schedule. Some of these times might be:

  • Someone vandalizes your fence.
  • You want to repaint your fence and want to remove the paint already there.
  • You’re putting your house up for sale.

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